What is a Sprint?

A sprint is a get-together for focused work on a project. Sprints are an important part of Drupal's growth. They are also a great opportunity to get involved because others are on hand to help you contribute. Come and collaborate in person with other Drupal community members!

We will have plenty of sprint mentors available to guide you through getting involved in the Drupal community!

When are Sprints?

  • Saturday, June 20: Informal / 'BoF-style' sprints (throughout the day, in the 'Learning Lounge' to the left of the registration area)
  • Sunday, June 21: Sprint day! (mentored sprints all day long, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Join us in the #drupal-stl IRC room before, during, and after the sprints, even if you can't be present at SLU LAW.

Where are Sprints?

Sprints in Learning Lounge at SLU LAW - DrupalCamp St. Louis 2015

Sprints will be held in the Learning Lounge (pictured above), which is just to the left of the registration area, near the elevators on the 11th floor of SLU LAW.