High Performance Drupal

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Advanced Concepts

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"Drupal is always so fast!" ... said no one, ever.

Drupal has a reputation as being a slow CMS, but that reputation is undeserved; there are many small things that impact a Drupal site's performance in sometimes substantial ways. This session will highlight many 'quick wins' that will get your site performing like a champ in no time!

Then we'll take a demonstration site that has many elements of real-world 'slow' Drupal sites, show how to do a quick performance evaluation/triage, and change the site from loading in 4-5 seconds to loading in less than a second, and maxing out at 2 requests per second to a speedy 4,000+ requests per second!

The session will also discuss the importance of a plan, benchmarking, and assumptions when you do performance work on your own Drupal site.